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Some of our popular entries


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Some of our more Poplular Podcasts: The complete lists of Podcasts  here


Actress Kerry Washington talks about here traavel bucket list


Patrick Smith, Author of Cockpit Confidential answere all your questions you've always wanted to ask airline pilots


Jeff Probst of host Survivor discusses where he likes to travel with his family


Terry Jones, the inventor of Travelocity on the changes on the travel industry


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Learm more about the amazing High Road to Taos


Cal Home for Free from Overseas with the Viber App

Visit The Christmas Story House



Some on our favorite Hip Refurbished Urban Motels

The Belmont - Dallas

The Jupiter - Portland

THe Austin Motel - Austin, TX


Take a Virtual Ride With Hawkeye on the Umauma Falls Zipline


Find the Declaration of Independence in Dallas


Take of tour of Dallas on SEGWAY


Our Favorite Travel Apps

Traveling with your Smart Phone has become standard among Globetrotters. Here are some of our favorite travel apps:


1.  Viber - Call home or Message for Free, anywhere in the world


2.  Translate - Easy to use, helps you decipher signs and ask questions in a variety of languages


3.  Around Me - Find restuarants, coffee shops, grocery stores, post offiices and a hst of other service in the city you are currently visiting


4. Hotel Tonight - Visitng a city on an unextected trip. Get a last minute hotel room at a discounted price from unsold inventory


5. Yahoo Time Traveler - Got a few hours to kill in an unfamiliar town? This app to makes an itenerary to fill your liited time


6. History Here - Find out historical sites, popular and obscure, in the city you are visiting


7. Twitter - A great way to connect to Customer Service personnal 


A few other favortites


   UrbanSpoon - Where do we eat? UrbanSpoon will find you exactly what your hungry for

   Parade Tracker - Delivers information on all the Mardi Gras parades in the New Orleans area

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